lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Moving my blog

Well hello.

I am actually phasing out using LJ. I need a fresh start after using this site for so long.

So I'll be here if you need me:

Alternately, if you want to keep reading me on LJ, I made a syndication of my blog.

I am generally going to pare things down over here, so if you see yourself suddenly not on my friends list, it's not indicative of anything at all :) Just me closing shop.
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I wish you the best, and I enjoyed reading you, but have no desire to move to another site. Good Luck in everything!
No problem :) You can follow the LJ-syndication if you want to, but not obliged at all.
I've added your feed-- I've wondered what was up as I've missed reading your posts! Off to get caught up on what's happening..
Heh, no I'm just getting started again :) I am a blogging slacker lately.
I've noticed a lot of people are just not writing on LJ anymore. Too many other blog spots, too much Russian spam, the lure of Facebook's live streaming...

Good luck!
Yeah... I wanted a fresh start. Not sure why, but felt like giving it a shot :)
I'll miss you here, but I "friended" the syndication. Much love to you.
Be most happy. You're feed is in my reader.
Whew. I'd have missed you!
Ok, I'm so there. Good luck, eh.