lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Spray N' Swallow

I was trying to explain to the guy in Whole Foods about my inability to swallow uncoated vitamin tablets.

"Caplets or softgels are fine," I said "Tablets stick in my throat."

Unsympathetic, he frowned "B-vitamins react with the ingredients used to make caplets, and many minerals aren't available in liquid form. You need to find a good tablet."

"I choke on them." I replied, flatly. There must be an easy-swallow option that doesn't require me to take 8 pills/day.

"You're displacing your two big pills into little pills. What do you expect?"

I sighed. The man had just gotten through chatizing me for eating muffins for breakfast instead of smoothies. "Cooked ingredients!" He nearly swooned in disbelief.

Well, I may have just found the stupidist cool product ever- a natural spray that coats your pills in a pleasant tasting oil so you can swallow them. I'm ordering this. Then I'll go buy the giant horse pills and see what happens. GNC vitamins are just crap, they don't do anything for me. And dudes, it's called "Spray N' Swallow". Am I missing something obviously stupid about it?
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