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Live from the land of palm trees

I am back in my hotel room in San Diego. The weather here turned balmy and warm, and I sat outside for 30 minutes with a tank top on. I got sunburned. Sigh. I am generally good about sunscreen, bit it was drizzling and grey when I left this morning.

My talk went well, great response. I took a photo of the room I got to present in, because it was a huge, technically sophisticated amphetheater. It was by far the nicest place I'd ever spoken in.

They're feeding us really well here too.
Anyway, this hotel room is actually apartment-sized. Full kitchen, living room area, nice bathroom and bed area with king sized bed. Little old me feels small in here.

My throat really hurts from allergies. I've been pounding back teas and lausanges all night but the ache just won't go away.

Clock says it's 9:25 but in real time it's 12:25.

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