lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Well, my LJ widget is timing out so I'll just post from here.
I used to hate hot weather. I don't like being warm, and tend to just fall asleep whenever I am.
There's something more authentic to me about being warm in the summertime though, rather than isolating myself in climate controlled spaces. (That said, if this apartment had central air, I'm not sure I'd refrain- I definitely would switch it on to sleep.)

Anyway, I'm enjoying a "Rhode Island Blueberry" Newport Storm ale and sitting under the ceiling fan. I'm making veggie dogs because the weather calls for it. (I wonder if I can get a good Chicago-style veggie dog when we move. I heard about Chicago-style dogs on Unwrapped and my mouth watered. Apparently Chicago residents take their hot dogs quite seriously.)

So it's hot, I don't feel like doing anything other than reading and drinking beer.
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