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I baketh

I am really looking forward to being in the new apartment. At least, I think I am. You know how everything always looks better in photos, and I haven't physically been in my new place. Weirdest thing, this "apartment shopping from afar."

I just will like having my home office on the same floor as my kitchen and TV room. For some reason I have hated having it upstairs. The stairs up and around become a mental block, as well as a physical one.

I baked chai cupcakes yesterday. It was pouring when I ran to the store, and I got soaked. The cupcakes turned out nice and spicy though. Today I tried baking biscuits and they didn't turn out as well (they didn't really rise!) The Boca sausage patties I put on top of them were tasty though.

I am feeling kind of low and I can't concentrate on my book with the TV on (but want to sit with my j.)

I am moody as hell, actually. I blame hormones.
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