lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Puppies fix everything

Today I got to hold a very young shih tzu puppy. I was at my groomer's where a rescue mommy tzu was being taken care of. I was petting her when I noticed her "udders". I asked if she'd had babies recently and if I could see them. Next thing I knew, this tiny little thing was shnuffling up in the crook of my neck. It was the size of my hand, with tiny clear brown eyes and a wee tuft of a tail. It snorted softly and burrowed in close. It was so young it couldn't walk on the floor of the groomer's- its legs just stuck out like a seal. (It was younger looking and less alert than this.)

It's windy and cool. Am going out for drinks with the gal I worked with on the most recent community service project. Mmmm cocktails. London is snoring softly to himself.
Tags: dogs
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