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OK, so

I tried to knit a memory-stick cozy. I tried twice :> What kind of stich is this in the picture? Mine doesn't look like that. I don't have a pattern for it, and I am perpetually a newbie knitter even after doing it for years because I don't knit often enough. I am not using double-pointed kneedles. I wonder if that's a problem. I also flubbed a buttonhole, but it was my first. I need to learn to ask for help sometimes :> Maybe in Chicago I'll actually get around to occasionally going to a yarn shop? With all that free time I always have?

j. is making crunchy electronic noises next to me. It sounds like his computer is gargling. I made healthy-ish brownies this week and had one a short time ago. We're experimenting with an ultrasonic anti (dog) bark machine too. London realizes already that he needs to not bark in order to make the painful sound go away. Mei thinks she can scare the machine into ceasing to make noise if she barks at it. What can I say, she has a little brain. Hey, I wonder if I could get London hypnotized so he doesn't nip anymore.

Moving is getting close, scarily!
I want us to be happy there. I want j. to be happy there. I'm sure we all know, but I am constantly reminded of how frustrating it is not to be able to control the happiness of those we love. I want to buy a condo in Chicago with the j. and have him be happy and sane and stable while I work on my edu-macation.

p.s. I got drunk last night as AS220. I'm too old for that shit.
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