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the ness of the listless

There is nothing that will get me out of bed these last couple of weeks. I feel as though I have less than no energy.
Part of that is my allergies- this is the worst time of the year for me. Part of it is the stress of moving. I can't throw myself into packing because my in-laws are coming on Monday to help- and I need to make it worth their while. On the other hand, I can't not pack because I am afraid that there'll be too much left to do otherwise.

The truck comes in a week.

I hate sitting on couches unless I am trying to watch a movie or read. They're terrible for getting work done. I am sitting in my hallway right now, by the kitchen floor, just drinking a second cup of coffee and feeling listless. Do I drag myself to yoga this evening or do yoga here, clearing boxes away and using a jivamukti CD ?


Oh, I dreamt that we turned London into a cat somehow. He's been so snuggly with strangers lately- not at all nippy. It's the bark machine- I tell you. He's a changed man.

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