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Best of RI

I am sitting in a beach chair in my apartment. The couches are gone- we sold them. Kids, never buy a sofa without removable cushions so that you can fluff/rotate/restuff them. K+M tried to warn us, as they too were burned by this problem, but we were young and naive ;) Actually, these were lovely pieces of furniture, but the dogs scratched the leather like mad. J says the scratches went away when you treated the leather, but I beg to differ.

(Wow, was that the most boring paragraph in the history of blogging or what? Except for the first sentence, that is- I think it's pretty cool to be in a beach chair complete with can holders in your own living room.)

Anyway, I am listening to high school mix tapes on my boom box as I clean things that we may actually bring with us.

Are you ready for a list? Things I will miss about Rhode Island, with links where applicable. I am making this for a gal I know who just moved here for Florida, and for nostalgia's sake. I'll just list as I think of things.

  • Spike's (killer veggie dogs, best I've ever had. Plus amazing toppings and fries. Oh, and j. likes the meat dogs too.)
  • Kabob & Curry - my college years Indian food haunt. We went there before the final exam in my Hinduism class.
  • The fact that we're actually getting a Lush store, which I shall just miss the opening of.
  • Seven Stars bakery (on Hope St. and now on Broadway around the corner from my old apartment) : Ginger biscuits, chocolate croissants, and great lattes.
  • White Electric coffee- an old favorite from when it was on Broadway. (711 Westminster St.)
  • Tealuxe: When they opened my senior year at Brown, I was a happy tea drinker. Terry always used to bring me a pear tea during our senior independent study with Professor Mathiesen.
  • Sakonnet Vineyards : A nice RI vineyard that does wine tasting. I had such a good day with K+M and jhimm, flitting around to local vineyards.
  • Block Island : an island vacation without leaving New England. Accessible only by ferry, of course.
  • The Hope High farmer's market
  • Pastiche : are there any better places to get a late-night desert and latte? No.
  • Lucky Garden : I have never had better dim sum anywhere. Verified by my co-worker's Chinese wife/in-laws, and recommended originally by j's hardcore t'ai chi instructor. They have three menus, ranging in authenticity from "American shmo" to "We will not translate."
  • Wickenden St. : just... in general. I love walking down there even more than Thayer.
  • Coffee Exchange : Can you tell I love a good independent coffee shop? In that vein:
  • Tazza Cafe : Also a great place to get boozey drinks at night. A block from my old office, offering academic discounts on everything.
  • The Red Fez (49 Peck St, Providence ) : Best grilled cheese ever. Where the hipsters go to get drinks.
  • Cav Restaurant : I went there the first week I was in RI and not only is the food good, it's an antique shop.
  • Prospect Park (Bowen St. Providence) Because I lay in the grass there and thought "deep thoughts" many a time. I also did a photo shoot there with sabriel once. With wings.
  • Newport: is gorgeous and haunted and ... I adore it, but can't ever think of a reason to move there.
  • Olive's Bar : long, long martini menu. Another fun college haunt.
  • Julian's restaurant : home of many good brunches and a good vegan selection for thems what wants.
  • East Coast Tattooing and Piercing (ask for Chris! He did j+ my tattoos. Oh, and tell him spooky sent you, ha!) 170 Atwells Ave Providence • 401-331-5623
  • Urban Detour Hair Artistry. 401-831-3442 • 150 Broadway, Providence
  • Claudia Curl Salon (ask for Michael! ) All the good kids from Hairspray on Wickenden moved here. You can't go wrong • 755 Hope St, Providence
  • Maximillian's Ice Cream : 1074 Hope St • 273.7230. I believe they just changed names, but they still have amazing ice cream.
  • Royal Buffet • 272 Garfield Ave, Cranston (best Chinese buffet I have ever been to.)
  • Garrison Confections : Won best chocolate in the _country_ on the Food Network awards.
  • Rita's Water Ice (Warning- bad audio. Mute your speakers!) * Mineral Spring Ave, Providence : I'm cheating because this is a Philly staple, but one just got franchised by Philly expatriates up here!
  • Four Paws Grooming : Where the furry status quo go to get their 'dos.
  • Effendi's Mediterranean Cuisine, 1255 Reservoir Ave., Cranston. 943-8800 : this restaurant has absolutely awesome food, plus bellydancing on specified nights. Sweeeet. A great couple-date place.
  • New Rivers : If you want to feel really special on a birthday or anniversary :)
  • Garden Grille Great vegetarian restaurant. (Warning- more bad website audio. Why do businesses do that?)
  • Antonio's Pizza • 258 Thayer Street, Providence : (j. and my favorite pizza in the area, hand's down.)
  • Olneyville New York System Hot Wieners : Anyone who comes to RI will wonder about the "hot wieners." If you eat meat, try one and then do a full-on detox cleanse fast. ;) I LOVE that you can order the "secret spice" online.
  • Del's lemonade : I could care less, but this one's for jenufa, and it IS a RI staple. They also make soap and lotion! Um... there's a dancing lemon on their site. (And more audio.)
  • Farmaesthetics : a really amazing, ultra natural local skincare line. I plan to import this to IL.
  • The RISD Museum : Go see the giant Buddha.
  • Eyes of the World Yoga : Ommmmmmmmmmm
  • Cable Car Cinema : Where you can watch a movie and be served tea and a sandwich at the same time.
  • Avon Cinema : The midnight movie is practically a local right-of-passage. Note: when they show Rocky it can get a bit insane. And when they show Monty Python.
  • Waterfire : The eponymous local public art project.
  • Geoff's Sandwiches : Mmmmm... plus the website is cute.
  • Miko Exotic Wear: For, you know, those needs.
  • PARL : My favorite place to adopt a pet. They also sponsor great events.
  • The Rhode Island Dog Parks : We spent all of the summer of 2006 at the Gano Street one.
  • Roger Williams Park : Home of the zoo and a great place to stroll around. Also where PARL's annual pet walk is held.

What did I miss? :>

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