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I am ... so hot

Oh my... ok, so we have the great fortune of packing in excruciating heat. Of course we got rid of our air conditioners a few days back because our new place has central air (so I can't feel too badly for us.)

It was in the upper 90s today and mighty humid. Tomorrow is more of the same. The dogs are just panting their brains out despite my attempts to cool them. My in-laws, who graciously came up to pack, probably didn't anticipate this level of misery.

But we are packed, and the van comes tomorrow at 8. *Knock wood*
I move often enough that this doesn't feel different. The biggest move I've made apart from heading off to college just feels... a little further than usual. I keep trying to make it a big deal in my mind, but it just doesn't feel like anything.

I remember when I hit the "I don't care what it costs, if I can afford it I'm hiring movers" stage of my life. Well, I may be trying to price out professional packers next time (but it'd have to be really affordable, and I doubt it is. I still can't justify hiring a cleaning lady with the amount of student debt I am acquiring, even when I have the money the money and know it'd benefit my mental health.)

Anyway, if I sound slightly whiny, it's because everything in my house is melting and I just took a cold shower, but am shvitzing. My lotions have achieved a state not unlike colored water, which is kinda interesting. I also don't anticipate much sleep tonight. My allergies are beating me up and I can just see me lying under the bed sheet, the one fan wafting an occasional breeze over, and me trying to ignore the itching of my respiratory and ocular systems.[1]

Going to dinner with j's parents soon.

1. Can I say ocular system? I could have said "eyes", sure, but I really like the word ocular. Oh hey, the ice cream truck is here, and I'm still too hot to move. Where's my water?

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