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Hello world! My radio silence has been due to no 'net connection in my apartment. Unfortunately, I keep having to make pilgrimmages to coffee shops (one about eight long blocks from me has free wireless), because I have furniture listed on craigslist, books on Amazon, etc. Even just mapping out where things are or looking up routes has become complicated!

This is the toughest move I've had in a while, because we sold so much furniture before doing it. So I can't crash on my sofa or watch a movie to unwind (and we are swimming in boxes. It's a pretty wee apartment.) It'll be together before too long, but it's slow going with j. at work and us badly needing storage (losing the basement in our last apartment has turned out to be a big hindrence to unpacking.)

Monday morning I snagged my travel yoga mat and a boombox, and walked out to Midway (a large park). In the shade of a big tree I did yoga. It was lovely, cool, and breezy that morning, and the dogs enjoyed their under-the-tree nap while I stretched.

The rest of the day unpacking was less pleasant.
Yesterday (for the 4th) we picnicked in Midway with j's brother Nate, and Nate's wife Tina. Tina and I both fell asleep post-lunch/wine.

J. already made one pilgrimmage to Trader Joe's. I am going to Whole Foods later today via the bus.[1]

(I MUST get a bike to hop around Hyde Park on. Any recommendations for a good women's street bike ? I'm trying to go used right now, so would like to be able to search on specific types.)

Oh my god, Kristen!!!! Our first meal was in a vegan sandwich shop here, and you would LOVE how many vegetarian restaurants there are here. It seems like half of HP is veggie/vegan.

I think I am going to paint the walls of my office a pale green.

1. For those of you that know Hyde Park, Bonne Sante is lovely, but they don't stock much in the way of eco-cleaning supplies.

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