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My new bike

I got a sweet new bike yesterday. (It's only the second bike I've ever bought. The first one doesn't count because it was a toy. I got it at a run-down general goods store and it was a mountain bike that I tried to ride on city streets- the break pads were all misaligned. Oy. nightmare.)

I love this new bike. I cannot wait to putter around town in it. It's my baby. I want to sing little songs to it. I put a compass/bell on it already and need to get a rack for the back (any recommendations?) so I can mount baskets there.

Those who take biking seriously- do not laugh at my little cruiser. It is a magnificent beast that suits me well.
I have locked the crap out of it.

I took a cellphone photo of it in the store.

Actually, this is a good time to mention that I do take constant cellphone photos. To see them, add aidencell to your friends :>

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