lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Lost and found

(Oops, I wrote this yesterday but forgot to send it.)

Days between getting my new bike and someone trying to steal it: 1.5

Our building has a locked fence around it, and my bike was inside, locked with a U lock and 2 cable locks.

J. and I walked outside this morning to see about some basement storage, and as we walked by, he said: "Where's your bike?"

I nearly gave myself whiplash turning around, and then the freaking out began. I hadn't taken the thing out yet because I was waiting for the back gate key from our landlord. After a minute of looking around, I burst into tears.

A man was walking by as I did. "What happened?" He asked. "My brand new bike got stolen" I sniffled, pulling myself together. "I hadn't even gotten to ride it."

J. and I described the bike to him.
"You offering a reward?" He asked immediately (arousing both of our suspicions.)
We were about to walk back inside and call our renter's insurance company (it was all J. could think of to do. I hadn't had time to send in the $10 for the Kryptonite insurance), when out of the corner of his eye, j. spotted it, stashed under one of the back building stairwells, way out of sight. How he saw it, I'll never know.

We pulled it out and one of its rope locks was cut, but the U-lock and the other rope lock were still fastened.[1]

Clearly the would-be thief either stashed it to return with better tools or thought "this is a nice bike. Someone will pay a handsome reward for it." Little do they know compared to the performance bikes I see reward ads for on craigslist, mine isn't worth much, it's just snazzy looking.

The bike is in my apartment now. I have a second U-lock and am prepared to put it right in front of my back door, rather than down a flight of stairs. J. is afraid the thwarted thief may come back and bash it or... something, so for now it's staying indoors with us. It's only temporary though, as our apartment is too small and it too big.

I think it was the man who happened to walk by as I was crying, but everyone's an opportunist, so you never know.

1. We had stupidly secured it to a post via one of the rope locks because our building is mostly University types and, as previously mentioned, it's behind locked gates... we couldn't fit the u-lock around anything that was available because so many people have bikes, so we thought our system would be ok very short term.

(More later about the GOOD day we had today.)

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