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Another drive-by update

On Sunday j. and I went to Chinatown. Now, something I may not have mentioned before is that I adore Chinatowns. I love the feeling of walking into another world that I just don't get in any other kind of ethnic city enclave. I love the cheesy chotchky shops and the tea houses, the noodle parlors and the antique dealers.

We had a happy time of it. I bought a foldable bamboo hat for my head and slippers. We got a restaurant tea kettle and some cookware in a supply shop, and took turns getting plain and sweet milk tea.
I found a good bakery and bought lotus seed and red bean cakes.

Of course we also went for dim sum, but I think next time we'll go to the place that lets you order sushi-style off a menu (like our beloved Providence location.) It's just too hard navigating veggie options on the carts with a language barrior. They actually made me special vegetarian dumplings though, at the place we went.

I followed up my happy day with a trip to Lush, and then back home to read the Harry Potter book. It seems like half of Chicago is reading HP right now. I'm not binging on it, rather I'm reading a chapter or two each night.

Today London played with another dog in the dog park around the corner from our house, while I chatted with a high school English teacher. London! Played!

More soon, I imagine. I need to go leave a note on the building's bike rack telling people to stop space hogging and make some room for the rest of us.

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