lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

From my cell phone

I'm on the El right now, coming back from a really intense yoga class that I'm not sure I liked. The instructor was one of the hottest women I've ever seen in my life. I can't believe I am actually considering going back to one of her classes just to watch her demonstrate poses that I, in my nealy ten years of doing yoga, still cannot do (to be fair, I lean towards more gentle, meditative practices.)

Because the bottom line was that I didn't like the class... She's too cold for me. My teacher in Providence was one of those men who has studied yoga intensively his entire life, and who dedicates part of each class to lessons (on anatomy, spirituality, and the intricacies of poses.) Too many yoga instructors are these young women who possess immense physical strength, but whose classes become little more than "workouts". So far here I have had "the fast talker", "the preoccupied athlete", and now "the cold hottie." I could sense that the latter had a very meaningful personal practice, but her teaching style... Actually, I am realizing as I sit here and tap this out on my keypad... All of the women I've had thus far have been similarly brusque. New Englanders have that reputation, but apparently this is a virus passed between Chicago yoga instructors as well.

Oh, I am excited because I have a Chicago "plus" card now, which should allow me to just hold my wallet up to a box as I board the bus and train. Apparently my wallet is too thick.

Hmm I have to decide whether to risk getting off at the 63rd street station and hopping the bus, or playing it safe and getting off at Garfield, pre-hood. I'm still downtown becausw this yoga place was halfway across the city.

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