lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Feral parakeets

Oh my, Hyde Park is filled with feral parakeets. They are roosting in the tree behind my building en masse. Imagine thirty parakeets just hanging out in a tree, basking in the summer sun and squaking as parakeets like to do.

When I saw them yesterday I dropped London's dog leash in surprise, clasped my hand to my mouth and cried "Oh!" A thug-dude passing by behind me laughed.

It's just so funny being so close to beautiful water, in the middle of a well kept university campus and still being in the hood.

Everyone's cars (but not ours! J wasn't home from work) were towed from what we thought was our parking lot behind the building. Apparently it's the future site of New Condos™ and is actually owned by someone (i.e. not our building) Judging from the number of cars that got towed, almost nobody knew or cared.

(At least they towed the abandoned car with the rats living in it.)

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