lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Dogs on Prozac

I'm feeling really dull right now.

We met with a dog trainer today... or should I say THE dog trainer. She's really renowned in Chicago, so much so that NBC just gave her a show. She cut us a deal on price because she thought our case was actually fairly simple. The information form she had took me three hours to fill out- it was around 20 pages long.

After observing the dogs for only a few minutes she pronounced that London needs Prozac. Sadly, I tossed out all of my old Prozac when we moved cross-country (apparently incorrectly- medication counts as hazardous waste and I didn't realize until this week when I was researching these things. is helpful.)

Anyway, she gave us two books to buy and a vet to see in order to get the medication. Once he is established on the meds and isn't operating on such a high level of anxiety 24/7 we'll focus on getting the dogs' behavior better.

I feel somewhat bemused about the situation. London and I deserve each other.

I have been enjoying my days, but have been slacking mightily. I mean I fixed a bunch of things on my website, but haven't done any of the work I promised. I am avoiding it for some reason... anxiety I suppose. More of the a-word. I need to seriously get myself back on track. Ugh, I don't want to elaborate. This whole topic is making me feel worse.

Hyde Park/Woodlawn is annoying... it's got none of the benefits of living in a city and none of the perks of living in the burbs. Chicago mystifies me in general. When I first looked at things on google maps I saw "oh, that is only 5 miles away, wow everything is super close. I love cities." Then I realized that it takes longer to get across Chicago than to drive the entire length of Rhode Island, or Providence-->Boston. Would I go an hour away for a haircut? Not in RI. In Chicago, I'll go an hour for yoga, a haircut, festivals, shopping etc.
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