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Tea tasting

Every Tuesday evening j. and I have been going to tea tastings uptown.
The first one was two weeks ago and was a sampling of the best, most expensive teas they carry. Last week was flavored greens (which j. humored me by coming to) and last night was Earl Greys, which I humored him by going to. Next week is "health benefits of tea".

It's so much fun sitting around with little cups enjoying the tea. Week one had some really good cheeses paired with the teas, and last night we got cookies. J. and I almost always make a night of it by going out for dinner first, then riding home after dark together. (Quality people watching.)

We nabbed some white tea and samples of a bunch of others last night.
Anyway, if you click the link above you can order some of their fairly broad selection. They're mostly a German company, but they have a few locations around Illinois as well.

Ugh, I'm feeling really nonplussed. A man whom I recognized just passed me (a professor type), and I couldn't call his name to mind. He clearly recognized me as well. He passed me while I was still confused.
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