lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

The Good($) Life

I was just reading the Chicago issue of Conscious Choice magazine, and came across an article about the relative health of the US economy vs. that of Europe, and found myself nodding vigorously. I'm glad it's online too- particularly telling is the sidebar, which is the grey column in the website version.

The article is by the co-producer of a PBS documentary, "Affluenza", that I really want to see.

Right now my big beef is with the lack of recycling in my building. Sure, j. and I haul our recyclables down to the resource recovery site, but I'd be shocked if we weren't alone in our building. I posted a flyer by the mailboxes about what you could recycle and where. I'm trying to get our building held accountable to the law about multi-unit buildings providing recycling services (which nobody follows.)
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