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Teas, shoots and leaves

Bah, after beta testing for Adobe I thought they'd given me a copy of the creative suite. Apparently it was a temporary copy. I wrote to them to complain. I am glum about that because I was just on my way to edit an image and poof! License expired.

I am also slightly grumpy about the prospect of having to go to the student loan office just to deal with some bureaucratic crap. I mean, it's nothing negative- sign a few forms, cancel a couple of the higher interest loans I turned out not to need... but it's a pain.

The other plan is to go to CVS and pick up the photos of j's that I had printed (you'd never know it because he doesn't do it that often, but he's a great photographer naturally. I must arrange for him to get a decent camera somehow! We only have a crappy point and shoot.)
I also want to stop at Hyde Park Produce and get some fruit and maybe some veggies if anything looks good.

Well, doesn't that sound exciting then?

We went to another tea tasting last night- about the health benefits of tea. It was mostly information we knew already so I entertained myself by sniffing every bin of tea in the store. We got to try a bunch of good teas, but I was actually hoping this session was going to be about medicinal teas- i.e. herbal remedies taken in tea form. I have a cabinet full of health teas.

And finally, London is ok so far on his prozac. No changes yet, but being rather familiar with prozac myself I know it takes time to get into the system. He doesn't get the benefit of a placebo effect.

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