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Just pondering

Currently sitting and thinking about what I want to research here.... I mean I am a media anthropologist by trade... but gads, all this teaching of design means it's been a while. My qualms are about where to focus, regionally.

I cannot remember if I talked about this, but I met with a professor who firmly assuaged my fears about having done everything out of order in my career and not gone from A-B. She laughed about how there seem to be two kinds of talented academics- the ones who bullet through with laser-like focus about what they want to do, and the ones like me who make it to my age and still want to study everything. I mean, I almost dropped out of my first MA program to switch to design/apply to RISD. I seem to go into a "WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?" tizzy every 6 months. I have since I was 19. The only common thread is academia.

I'd like to focus on Japan. I'd also like to put our stuff in storage and live with j. in Japan next year. This may be unrealistic because he'll need a job. Anyone know of a company with a branch in Chicago and somewhere in Japan?
If I don't go there I'll never be on top of the language enough to choose it as my specialty. I'm also enamored by China and India as regional specialties.

It was as though we were in this huge rut in Rhode Island. I felt trapped. We threw everything away and took this risk, coming here. Now it's like... we could do anything. Why not?

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