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Oooh I wanna meme

concert meme
[from atalanta]
here is how it works. copy this list. leave in the bands you've seen perform live. delete the ones you haven't and add new ones that you have seen until you reach 25. an asterisk means the previous person had it on their list. two asterisks means the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list.

1. The Cure**
2. Duran Duran
3. Peter Murphy
4. Covenant**
5. Stone Temple Pilots
6. Tricky
7. The Bouncing Souls
8. Einsturzende Neubauten*
9. Lush
10. Marilyn Manson
11. David Bowie
12. Green Day
13. Ani DiFranco
14. Dar Williams
15. Nine Inch Nails****
16. Bauhaus
17. Sisters of Mercy
18. Switchblade Symphony
19. Roz Williams
20. Cruxshadows
21. Rancid
22. The Specials
23. The Misfits
24. 108
25. U2

Too many punk and goth bands without recognizable names to even count.

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