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A trip down memory lane

Hey Brown alumnae.... do you remember how the university's preferred email client in the late '90s was Eudora? Someone in FGS once told me an excellent story from their days working as a consultant.[1]

The story went that they had a girl call and complain that every time she launched Eudora her laptop crashed. The consultant asked her to bring the machine in, and low and behold it turned out that during her time at Brown (I can't recall how long) she had read her mail by double-clicking on the messages and launching a new window, but had never closed a single one of them. So she had... hundreds, maybe thousands of open windows.

Having been oriented all day (again, I cringe at how odd it is to be on the other side), I now know that the UofC's preferred browser is Firefox, and their preferred email application is Thunderbird. I'm impressed. I also like that they have a disc which installs this and an SFTP program on the machines of students. I mean, the people who are going to need an install CD upon arriving at school are probably the least likely to have Firefox installed already. Less Internet Exploder! Hallelujah!

More on orientation later.

I have a punkin' ale.

1. My job was a sweet hack. I was a multimedia lab consultant. I got paid to do my homework, essentially. I earned this privilege by working in The Blue Room my freshman year. Fewer things are worse for the vegetarian freshman than being forced to make deli sammidges for hostile undergraduates.

ETA- What exactly is my problem with punctuation? I wonder if anyone would believe me if I blamed the withdrawal symptoms.
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