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It's half the job

Phew, ok... I am trying to figure out what course I want to take (this is so odd.) I've sat through so much orientation in the past two days, and been rewarded with free food galore (still, my butt keeps falling asleep.)

While listening to a dean (whom I will be having for a professor) talk today I found myself newly charged up over the idea of cultivating teaching/speaking skills. In quality institutions there's just this plague of bright scholars who cannot engage an audience to save their lives. They repeat themselves endlessly when speaking, they speak in a monotone, use no hand gestures or body language, etc.

I'm unforgiving about this because I was so afraid every day I taught, but I loved it! How I was presenting was as important as what I was presenting- basic common sense.
I seemed to always be working on new techniques to engage my classes. How is it these guys are still standing in front of a room giving dry lectures? - when they take the rest of their jobs so seriously? Everyone who reads anything pedagogy-related knows how inefficient pure lecture is as a teaching method!

It's just offensive... because it's part of the job of being a professor, but so many faculty members simply do not care about how they teach (if they even want to teach.)

Thinking about all of this reaffirmed in me the knowledge that I _must_ teach. It's a compulsion. I love it. I am really going to miss it.

The amount of paperwork I have received in the past few days is sinful. Cut down the photocopying and lower my tuition ;)

p.s. my j. was on NPR today. They played a rant of his about music!
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