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The art of procratination

So, this procrastination workshop I attended today...

First, a lot of the materials they showed us are here, so you can read them too, if you have developed poor time management skills like I have. (Ironically, I used to have good time management skills, or maybe I just had fewer distractions.) If you click through, that site has an enormous number of resources.

Among their facts was:

1. Difficult reading requires approximately one hour per 10 pages.
2. Math assignments require 4-6 hours
3. Paper writing requires approximately 3 hours/page, not including reading/research time.

Ok, I can't speak to #2, having not taken a math class since I was 17 (and the GRE scores to prove it!), but I thought #1 was because I spent most of the time staring out the window/into space. #3 makes me go... "whaaaaa?" because again, when I am actually paying any attention that's not even remotely accurate. Now I'm confused.

They gave us this page of PDFs to help us stay organized. They told us to plan weekly what we had to do, making an incredibly anal schedule to make sure we were being efficient.

I can't decide whether I love this or find it repellant.

Oh lord- my mom just informed me her first crush ever, from when she was growing up, teaches here. She and my dad hung out with him and his wife when they were older and my father was at UCLA. He's this really famous political scientist, and I just wrote him that my mom used to think he was hot.
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