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I just wanted to nest today- to hole up with my j and catch up on blogs and podcasts. We did have to take London to the vet this morning though, and he came out of it with a sad doggy "cast" (it's not really a cast, but a bandage. It looks like a cast.)

He ripped his toenail, you see. I came home from orientation on Thursday and there were droplets of blood everywhere on the floor. I didn't know what I was looking at, and couldn't find any evidence that either the dogs or I were bleeding.

(We have since signed it.)

We also came home with antibiotic, pain medicine, and some herbal calming pills for him.

I haven't posted about my funny trip to an old Chinese woman for acupuncture yesterday. Upon mentioning my awful allergies she ambushed me with a nose spray that was essentially hot peppers up the shnoz. My eyes began gushing water and my chest seized up. After I was done having pain seizures, I didn't have allergies until that evening.

Still, I think I'd prefer just about anything to that pain again. If you don't believe me, please to stick a habanero up your nose.

While I was lying on my back she put on a most excellent relaxation hypnosis tape. While a guy in the foreground encouraged me to relax my hands, a voice in the background earnestly whispered "you're a good person!" This inspired such hysterics in me that I probably almost shook the needles out. I kept thinking of things the soft-background voice ought to say. "You're freaking awesome!"
"I like your hair."

Last night while we were wandering around the city I told j. about the tape. Ever since then we've been occasionally whispering things to each other. Weird things.
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