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Hyde Park: Where customer service comes to die

I spent half of my day trying to get printouts made of the required articles for one of my courses.
I put the PDFs on a CD and numbered them 1-24 to make it as easy as possible.

The first place I went, a Kinko's, told me they would charge me $2.50 to even open each file, let alone then print them and bind them. (I lost my temper at that.)

The second place I went to was Office Depot. The kid there printed everything single-sided, which means .... an enormous packet and more wasted paper than I ever hope to see again. He also ignored my document order, which is going to be a huge PITA. On the plus side, he only charged me 3 bucks for this. Considering I now have two heavy packets with the articles scattered willy-nilly throughout (which is going to make my life harder), he should have paid _me_.

I mean, I need to be able to reference certain articles back-to-back (plus the course very deliberately is grouping the readings by theme, and I need to remember those themes) and
I definitely don't want to haul both huge packets to class just because the articles I need are in different packets.
Were I not guilty about the wasted paper already I'd just go have someone else re-do the job. As it is I am tempted to take apart the binding and re-order everything.

(ETA- Oy, the pages are all facing different directions too.
Oh wait, half the articles are missing and others are duplicated a bunch. Nevermind. I guess I have to go reprint it.)

And this is so meaningless in one sense, and I am so annoyed about it anyway.

(Yes, we've established I am uptight.)
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