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Son of a Muffin Man

*Before I go further, if you want to see my cellphone photo of the day, please add my moblog feed.*

I know, I am a terrible journaler. I have just had so much reading to do that if I am not reading I am trying to do something active. Therefore, this weekend has been about baking. I made vegan chocolate chocolate chip cookies for my mah jongg group yesterday (which I'd recommend to anyone. They're delicious. Everyone present gobbled them up, vegan and non-vegan alike).

Today I made rice pudding muffins for j. and I, but I am not sure how they turned out (I didn't think the batter was that great), so I'll only post the recipe here if I think it's worth passing on. It's from this book, which I am not impressed by so far.

Mah jongg is fun. I love playing it, love handling the tiles, love how social it is. Now granted, my group hasn't really gotten to intricate strategy yet- we're still having problems with dealing and scoring. It's fun though, and we had j's brother and bro's wife join us yesterday.

On Friday I went to the Grad Student Mixer, sure as I was that nobody but first-years would go and j (whom I dragged with me) and I would wind up hiding by a bar drinking. Well, it was packed, and with a pretty broad age-range, though there's nothing to say the older looking folks and the families weren't first-years as well. While the whole affair was a pretty big production (and it had a 1930s theme to honor International House's 75th anniversary), it managed only to have beer and cider to drink.

The karaoke room was rather surreal. Rather than being dominated by practiced east asian students (we were in International House after all), it was a variety show of drunk nerds. And oh man, drunk nerds doing karaoke is alternately funny and cringe-worthy. A contingent from the law school got up and howled out a seemingly endless version of "American Pie", which emptied the room out and left people mumbling about how they'd "never hire a lawyer from this school."

J. and I wound up hanging out with two girls, one of whom could have been a student of mine last year (average age-wise) and one of whom was the spitting image of Maggie Gyllenhaal. (I mean.. really. It was eerie. That girl needs to enter a look-alike contest for a cash prize, and now.) The latter was drunk and did a karaoke version of "Son of Preacher Man", that wasn't bad.

The whole thing was really too surreal and made me want to hang out exclusively with people who are at least 28 for the next few months until I shake that out of my system ;)

In other news, it's hot here (87 degrees at 5PM) and humid, and it's frappin' October.

Alas, back to the reading.
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