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Addicted to workahol

I swear, reading an issue of Yoga Journal does more than therapy these days. Just being reminded to be mindful, to resist judgement, to forgive and even offer sympathetic and loving thoughts to those who cause me pain is really helpful. I wish I could find a therapist who is also a yogi. Hey, I'm in the market again, or so it seems.

(If I get the chance I'll post the hypnosis story here).

I needed to be reminded, and the sorta cheerleading anxiety book I'm reading right now + Yoga Journal did a good job of reminding me, to ask myself regarding the workload: "why am I doing this?" Because I want to. I don't have to be here getting another degree. Lord knows it's not the easiest choice to have made, and has in fact made life rather complicated. When I am looking a pile of work in the face, it serves me well to remind myself that this is something I want to do.

Yoga Journal also reminded me that being less attached to a specific outcome for my work isn't a bad thing either.

I still don't know how I feel about the culture of "here's 2x more reading than you can comfortably do in a week. Figure it out." I have good arguments both for and against this process in my head. Ultimately, my opinion on it is based on how it seems to affect people, i.e. not well. The merits of learning how to sort through that much dense info aside, people need exercise, good food, sleep, social time, breaks etc. and I see a lot of people not making time for those things (even in my short time here). Workaholism in American culture is something that really, really bothers me already.

Eh, I'll add it to my ever-growing list of things to "do a project on", even though it's been beat to death.

p.s. I want a license for the new Mac OSX but what's up with the stingy academic discount? And why didn't my recent MacBook purchase come with an OS disc?
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