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These people are crazy

The people in my program really freak me out. It's been well established (back to the early days of this journal) that I am an uptight student. I am easily stressed, I overcompensate, I am competitive. These people are crazy.

Yesterday in the giant required class we were given instructions for our midterm. These included tips like "don't work with other people" and "don't ignore the questions and try to write an essay on something else so we finally, finally know how brilliant you are." The girl in front of me was typing all of this into her notes. Then I looked around and.... a whole bunch of people were also committing this to paper.

I seriously almost reached over and pulled the typing girl's ponytail out of frustration. Who ARE these people???[1][2]

Then today I walked by the program office and it was filled with people re-reading the example essays with funeral-level seriousness. I walked past the common room and it was a tomb of students frowning over more example copies.

Now I read those things a week ago. Once. I can't really remember what they said, but I got the gist.

Scary thing is, I think if the program director offered an A to anyone who killed someone else in the program, there would be a lot of takers. I'm saying this only slightly tongue-in-cheek, because I really, really wouldn't be surprised.

It's not that I don't want to make friends here- I really do. I need more social contact, and I know j. does. It's just that when I am not doing program-related things, I am really, really glad not to be around anyone nervously trying to get me to tell them what I got on my GRE.
I can't wait until the required course is over so we can all stop fighting each other so hard.

1. This is especially jarring for me considering this time last year I couldn't get people in my classes to even do the reading.

2. Dammit, and I was raised to conceal all hints of effort. It must appear effortless and I, unconcerned. Of course, that's my broken head.
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