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Captain's log

Hello log. Well, today I have been a slow reader, and I am trying to be patient with myself. Mostly, I am distracted by my sore throat, which has resisted several rounds of Throat Coat tea (which I hate the taste of, so my throat is clearly killing me), and Emergen-C, and water, and juice, and a hot toddy.

No love. Ah, I am bummed that what felt like "just fatigue" on Friday has turned into a little troll in my throat. I went to dim sum, the Lush store, and the pet store with j. yesterday.
We were nosing around Chinatown looking for churches, for a project I am thinking about.

Tomorrow I'll get organized for the week. Tonight I am just not feeling very together. I did bake orange-pumpkin-spice muffins, however. I know, sounds funny, but they taste delicious.

So, Captain's log 8pm. Forgot about Daylight Savings time, am really enjoying watching The Wire on DVD, am actually afraid of breaks from work these days, as important as they are.

Am having a pissant-head-day. How much is due to the throat, how much is due to my ongoing anxiety I don't know.

J. brought me the sweetest card cheering me on the other day though.
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