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Pluses and minuses

+J did something so sweet for me today it really would turn you to mush should I tell you about it.

-I keep losing my voice despite nursing it constantly with liquids, both warm and cool

+I got an A on my midterm. No small feat, as supposedly "nobody" gets an A. This helps me to realize that despite my general existence in a haze of abstract thoughts and make believe things, I am occasionally able to pull myself together and prove I am capable of complex analysis. I used to believe in myself more, but as I get older I realize the gulf between me and most people is the frequency with which I bother to turn my thoughts into anything coherent. Also, being able to pull it together to perform well on assignments used to be enough for me.

-I am so achy. Ooof
-It's windy like you wouldn't believe. Or, it was a few hours ago.
-fret fret fret. I need a good shrink.
+j. made me mulled wine for my throat.

I can't believe it's time to sign up for next quarter's classes already.

I also am annoyed that my birthday is coming up. Yes, annoyed. I used to love them.
Tags: grad school, health

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