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A University of Chicago student was shot (and killed) yesterday morning. He was out a little bit late because he was at a party in his honor.. because he had completed his doctoral work.

Now.. this was a couple of blocks from where I live. Yesterday when I went to class there were TV vans everywhere and giant bright lights. I could see a man hosing off the street and one raking the grass where it had happened. I stopped on my bike and just stared.

The Tribune article about the shooting almost made me cry.

The worst thing, as a grad student is that first you hear about the tragic death and you feel wretched. Then you hear about the fact that he was to be awarded his PhD on December 7th and it's so, so much worse.

Ugh. I've always tried to be careful and alert, even in Providence (it's still a city!), but I mostly felt safe before moving here. I do what i have to do here (i.e. don't hide in my house), but I don't feel safe.

I have a class next quarter that ends at 8pm. I'm really torn. You don't generally hear about crimes like this happening before midnight, but maybe I should ride my bike just to be safe (although when the weather gets worse, that may not be an option.)
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