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University vs. Community

An article about the tension between the University of Chicago and Woodlawn.

It reminds me of how when I visited Columbia University in New York City we were taking the tour, and of course the parents were asking a lot of security questions. The tour guide was explaining that Columbia had actually won awards for its security, when a man ran up to the tour group and shouted "Don't listen to him! I just got mugged!"

Last week I was in one of the campus coffee shops when a tour group went by. A mother asked: "Is there any crime around campus?" The tour guide was clearly fumbling for an answer, as it was the day after that student had been shot. Finally he said: "Generally it's quite safe." Two passing students ruined his salvage by calling out "HA!" as they passed by.

But what do parents want from city campuses? I'd like to think the universities do the best they can, out of their own self-interest.

Oh well, back to working on a paper that I have to submit by noon.
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