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Hello, world, are you still out there?

I am kind of done writing my exams. I think. I may actually resurface again soon as a normal person. I've been flat out for a while and I am just wiped. I have to proofread them tomorrow morning for... you know... the English language.. and then walk them to their respective in-boxes.

Then, hm, maybe I'll get a victory latte. It really is the little things. Our program is having a pub night tomorrow on their dime, so I think the j. and I will be going to that. I'm not ruling out driving the two blocks either, if it insists on being as cold out as it is right now. (But we did get snow today and yesterday!)

I'm kind of excited that next Tuesday one of my professors invited our little class and her dissertation writers over for drinks. My colleagues back east never even did that.

I really need to find some sort of research assistant position for next year, my year off, so I don't feel like too much of a loser taking the time off.

p.s. your mom
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