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Looking out the window

Sitting around watching episodes of the Avengers (show from the 70s) with j. We did the grocery thing today and have otherwise been puttering around. Unfortunately, the people we do know in this area seem to be MIA and even though I think we'd both like to do something social, we're kinda stuck for now. One of the perils of moving to a new place! It seems most of my student friends are transient enough that once classes end, they leave. Hmmm...

I have been trying to decide how I feel about Chicago, trying to separate those feelings from what I think of Hyde Park/Woodlawn. My moods have been so erratic lately it's hard to know if I am reacting reasonably to anything. We both really do hate our apartment but I am acutely aware that I have a tendency to be always dissatisfied with the present and put all of my hope in the future, so I am trying to be careful with my assessments of things.

I need to work on a Christmas card design, I think.

I miss a lot of you right now. It is a good thing to have friends. It is also a good thing to know how to make plans with the ones you have. Blorg.
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