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They wind up being kind of stressful anyway

I'm trying to be fairly minimalist this holiday season, but even my "oh dear, I didn't have time to hand make gifts" attempt to obtain things that are useful to people is a bit stressful.

I mean, I wanted to sponsor an abused/abandoned farm animal for my sister and for my grandma, but it's a bit expensive (even a chicken is $120/year). With no income of my own right now, I need someone to sponsor me! (Seriously though, that's a great site if you have the extra money[1]. I'd love to sponsor a pig.

I did find another site that allows you to donate money so that they can deliver animals for wool, milk, eggs etc. (or crafts supplies) to needy families in other countries. That might be more affordable. I'd heard of them because they paired with Green Mountain Coffee and made a "Heifer Hope" blend at one point.

I was kind of attached to the idea of my grandma "owning" a duck though.

I'm making people little mason jars of hot cocoa, but I'd like to do something else on the side as well.

[1] I accidently typed "monkey" here.

p.s. Am awfully worried about a friend right now. Am sending her all of the healing thoughts I can muster.
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