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Hot cocoa

Last night I made Alton Brown's recipe for "instant hot cocoa" mix and canned it for family members (5 big mason jars). I had to make a separate one for my in-laws, as DadM is allergic to dairy and MomM is allergic to corn anything. Where they are in NJ it's not easy to get the great variety of corn-free dairy free products we have in Chicago and had in New England, so we're also going to bring them soy nog and corn-syrup free root beer.

Anyway, I reaffirmed that I am not the crafty type because I am impatient and hate messes ;) I am going to make some cute tags for the jars though.

I went and got a back treatment at the Aveda Institute yesterday. It cost me like $30 for an hour because it was done by a student. The procedure included hand and foot massages with lotion and aromatherapy stuff as well as the back massage, exfoliation, cleansing, herbal soak, etc. I kinda wished she'd leave the steamed towels on my back and just go away ;) Anyway, it was the first spa-thing I have ever gotten done. You'd think, being a product and skincare junkie I'd be all over such things, but they're always so pricey.

I love the Aveda Institute even though it's a yotch to get to, because I can get my hair dyed there for really cheap, and I only use Aveda dye. I hope my sense that it's healthier than most dye is correct. I couldn't find a place that would use henna.
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