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What's your favorite NYE ever?

Yesterday in the car (the whole day was the car, mountainous Pennsylvania to flat Ohio and Indiana) I asked j what his favorite New Year's Eve ever was. Without hesitation he cited the same one I'd been thinking of: the time we were supposed to go out to a party but didn't. We stayed in our jammies and played Super-Bust-A-Move and Tekken Tag on our new Playstation 2. We didn't keep track of the passing time, and actually missed the new year turnover. The windows were all steamed up, and there was leftover snow on the ground below, orange in the lamplight.

It amuses me that despite throwing some crazy New Year's parties and attending some, we'd both prefer the one where we were accidently quiet.

I remember NYEve by a giant outdoor bonfire, on front porches and balconies, around a game table, running through my house completely sloshed with sparklers. I can say sincerely that I've had a lot of fun on New Year's Eve, historically. There have been a lot of tears and toasting and brave predictions.

This year I was invited to two parties I'd love to go to, both in New England. 2007 was a really rough year for me, and I think I'll need to do a housecleaning and sage smudging tomorrow to chase its foul energy away.

Tell me, how did you spend your favorite New Year's Eve?
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