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Happy New Year!

Hello snow! It seems to always be snowing in Chicago. For someone who loves snow this is nice, but not quite as nice as when I could hope for a day off from it.

One of my New Year's traditions is to take a contemplative bath. Occasionally I'll do it on New Year's Eve. I did this for the first time five years ago when I had just discovered a company called Lush. I had mail-ordered a select few items from their online shop, and decided to use the "Christmas Party" bath bomb as I relaxed in the hours before a New Year's party I was hosting. I'd never bathed in anything so decadent before. It smelled of Cointreau, champagne, and cognac with a touch of orange/lime. It had little stars on the top of it. The experience sticks in my mind because of how luxurious it was for me, but also because of how deeply I relaxed.

This year I'll be doing my contemplative bath with a "Green Party" bomb. It's filled with confetti and bergamot/ylang ylang scented.

Hope your New Year's is peaceful. I got a whole four hours of sleep last night so I'm feeling better than usual. J is doing his best to keep me healthy via nutritious foods.
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