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But I do consider it...

I know, I'm chatty today. Blame it on my actually getting a good night's sleep.

I was talking with my father-in-law about those websites you see every now and again where someone will post about their debt and ask for donations. I've actually only seen those for people who have shopped their way into a hole, not for any really good causes.

Dad M and I were saying that with my debt level (student loans, entirely) I ought to start one, that at least my debt was me trying to better myself. J and I call my student loans "the mortgage".
My pride, I think, would keep me from ever doing this... nobody is very sympathetic to those who go into debt pursuing degrees, either.

Yes, well, anyway, it occurs to me about once a month that it would take me about 5 minutes to put up such a page, maybe an hour if I made little thermometer "debt watch" graphics.

Incidentally, if I knew exactly how much debt I have right now, I'd post it. I'd have to get out a calculator and figure out how much damage this year is doing.
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