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Mid-week miscellany

Phew, first week back to classes and already things are swampy. I am up to my eyeballs in work. Interesting work, but work nonetheless. A few notes:

1. I love the sounds the library computers make when I am using them (to print out articles). This is purely the sounds of the keyboard and mouse on a 6-7? year old Dell. Such satisfying clicking sounds.

2. J and I are both addicted to olives from Whole Foods' olive bar right now. Mmmmmm

3. Tomorrow I have to go sit in a courtroom and observe for a class project. I'm not going to the criminal court, as it's a hike. I'm going to traffic court and sitting in the major violations session. A big time sink, but should be interesting.

4. I continue to be really into kundalini yoga. I credit it with keeping me from completely losing my marbles due to stress. I seriously didn't even like the style until recently and now I'm obsessed with it. I'm still not sleeping well, but I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow.

*5. Real Simple is actually sending a photo crew/makeup and hair people for the article I am going to be in! (About sleeping problems, if you don't recall. Nothing professional.) Now why didn't I shoot for "home makeover" or "free tuition" ? ) Oh, right, I hardly expected to be chosen. Ha! It all goes into the "media research" vault.

6. I'm out of the LJ loop, and I miss y'all when that happens.
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