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And... it's Friday Miscellany!

Wow, going to court for my observational exercise yesterday was really interesting! It almost made me want to be a lawyer. Almost, heh. I'm sure the novelty would wear off quickly, but even just watching the major case traffic court was fascinating. I miss how Providence used to televise the minor violation traffic court and air it on public access as "Caught in Providence". The bullsh*t people spew was really quite priceless.

I also got one of my favorite things in the world for lunch yesterday- steamed Chinese buns. There's a place in downtown Chicago called "Mao Bao" and I got whole wheat edamame bao and coconut cream bao and ginger-sesame bao. Oh, and homemade gingerale. So good! I got to talk with my court observation buddy about language acquisition (she speaks Arabic and Turkish).

I was thoroughly exhausted from anxiety yesterday though. I mean, so exhausted I didn't manage to read on the long bus ride home (I really hate most of the bus routes here. Could they go any slower and be any stinkier?) I just sat there and felt self-pitying and tired, wondering who smelled like pee.

I had to go to MA-proposal workshop from 6-10pm at my grad. preceptor's house last night. He softened the blow by cooking for us and supplying much alcohol, but I was feeling too tired to have good comments for anyone's proposal, and mine is up next round for review. Ew. I'm just continuing the research from my first MA, so hopefully it won't be too rough to polish up my proposal in a few days.

My typing all this is procrastination from writing up my field notes from that court observation.

I took a walk with my advisor and babbled at him on Weds, which was embarrassing. Oh, and I slept like a champ last night. Or like the dead. Thank God! I am spending today working in my jammies and not leaving for anything, even though I have errands to run.

Is there an LJ widget that works properly in Leopard?

I hope things are less busy next week. Tomorrow is Mei's makeover-pallooza. I'll be taking photos. Busy weekend.
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