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Asked and Answered

Is there anything more boring than writing a bibliography for a research proposal. Seriously... argh.

In other news, I think we may get 1 non-grey day every two weeks here. I feel badly for anyone with S.A.D. in this city. I supposedly like grey weather and it's even getting to me.

My dogs are groomed and smell good. I like when their bodies are neat and compact. Mei was quite the celebrity yesterday, getting her photo taken for everything under the sun. Apparently I am going to get to blog for her too, as the "makeover" continues. Sadly, j and I missed most of the festivities because we didn't realize we were supposed to be back at the groomer's at noon and were waiting for a phone call. Mei got held by a strange man in the group photos. Hopefully we'll get to enjoy the fun more from here. So far Mei got two free toys and some dog food.
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