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I gotta focus on the little things

I've got to be optimistic. I mean, okay, j and I are in a Starbucks. We're in there because we're trying to drive our recycling down to the resource recovery center, but the center's gate is still locked and we're killing time. We do this maybe once a month (marveling at how much paper our household generates in a month). There is a car accident right in front of the Starbucks. It has happened maybe ten minutes before we arrived (the ambulance was behind us as we drove down the street).
I order my grande nonfat latte. J orders his decaf Americano. We wait. The barista accidentally bypasses our drink order and, all apologies, she gives me a venti latte instead.

So I get a free latte upgrade and outside, a family sits in their crumpled car to keep warm, waiting for the tow truck.

And I think about what is keeping me up at night right now. It occasionally seems like a joke. As we're leaving I see a CD album title in the Starbucks music rack. The album is called: "Some People Have Real Problems."

In academia, I have real problems. People confirm this by the serious looks they give me when we talk about my situation. In the real world, those problems are nothing.

Hm, why don't I have a tag for "latte" in my blog? ;)
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