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Me and a big rock

I over-prepare for everything. Seriously, I had a presentation today for a class where we are expected to write something up and just read it. I was anxious because I knew I'd gone and written too much as usual, and what was supposed to be a 15-minute presentation split 3 ways would be 30 minutes of just me if I let it.

Thankfully my adviser/the prof cut in and gave me a time estimate at one point so I knew I -had- to skip around. I spent all day yesterday prepping that thing though, and the night before. And the night before.

Thing is, being a perfectionist and an over-compensator doesn't make my work any better, it just makes me less efficient.

There's gotta be a workshop I can take or book I can read to stop doing that. I never realize I am doing it until it's too late.

Ok, back to note-taking. Probably inefficiently.
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