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Why offices are lovely

You know, I really miss having an office. Really. There was the "surrounded by people" aspect that kept me from getting lonely- people to go on coffee runs with, randomly take breaks and talk to, etc. There was also the benefit of not being able to putter as I do when I am home.

Back in school I can go to a coffee shop or library or reading room, all of which I like... BUT each of these places requires I pack up all of my stuff when I want to go to the bathroom or wander somewhere. I need to bring a sack of food and drink so I don't spend too much anywhere or get thirsty/hungry. I often feel like I'm camping because of all the crap I lug around to work in public spaces.

I am definitely less productive when I work from home too much. Occasionally I need it, but I can't stay home alone every day.

I wonder what the solution is here. Hm. Tomorrow I have a meeting and need to go to the library. I wonder if I should go work anywhere in particular.
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