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Yeah I um, what?

You know, most people have a plan. They know what they want to do at some point and they do it.

I can't figure out whether my constantly oscillating plans are a result of
a) them not being right
b) them being unrealistic
c) anxiety disorder

I occasionally have this feeling like I ought to have stayed in media studies. Just because I f'ed up my applications doesn't mean it was entirely the wrong field. On the other hand, it doesn't mean it wasn't the wrong field either.

See, I think most people know these things.

I'm kind of lost because aside from "I want to teach and I want to be a professor" I haven't felt confident about a plan in years. I think once I get something really hammered out for sure I'll do something really nice for myself as a congratulatory gesture.

p.s. I wish there was someone at the University who could help me make this decision!
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