lisbet (aidenraine) wrote,

Snapshots of my day

Tiny updates:
  • 11:21 I feel so ill that I can hardly sit upright. If I could avoid trying to write a paper today I would... sitting upright by itself is hard. #
  • 13:15 Yarg, every time I stand up I feel very sorry for myself. I wish I had my immune boost tea but I am -not- going out to get it. #
  • 15:44 I really like writing research papers... I mean today is a poor example since I'm so ill, but generally I do. #
  • 19:51 Great, the chills are back. I still need to work, but maybe after that a hot bath. (If I don't pass out.) #
  • 21:36 Now I don't feel like such a wimp. My temperature is up to 102.2 Sigh. #
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