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Things to do

Ok, I have a ton to get done (how can this one prof add a midterm paper onto a class with a 20 page research paper final already? Clearly he wants me to have a heart attack.)

I decided I'd post my things to do list here for the day, and um, if I cross enough off I earn a prize[1], or something. Or... at least maybe it'll keep me accountable somehow.
Check back to keep tabs on the non-stop unfolding action :)

Things to Do:

-Read 20 pages of Hegel for Class1
-Print articles for Class2 (I cannot read on the computer screen. Hurts my eyes...)

-Read the rest of the articles for Class 2
-Check out and look at books for midterm for Class 2 (may not happen)
-Finish notetaking on my old paper.
-Scan page of manga book

-Go to Post Office and mail book
-Go to Student Care appt.
-Go to JF's office hours
-Go to MF's office hours

-Unload dishwasher
-Do brief training practice with dogs
-Yoga / Meditation
-Print out label for post office book.

Ok, time to rally! I am choosing to do this degree! Hard work builds character ;)

1. One bottle of Peace and one of Clarity. Except... maybe when I save up.
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